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Silicone Teether Wheel

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Introducing our Baby Silicone Teether – the perfect blend of soothing comfort and safe, tactile exploration for your little one! Crafted with care and designed for teething tots, this BPA-free silicone teether is a game-changer in providing relief during those precious early stages of oral development

Key features

🌈 Safe and BPA-Free: Your baby's safety is our top priority. Our silicone teether is made from high-quality, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials, ensuring a worry-free teething experience for both baby and parent.

👶 Gentle on Gums: Specially designed with textured surfaces, our teether provides gentle massage and stimulation to your baby's sensitive gums. The soft and pliable silicone ensures a comforting and soothing experience for your little one during the teething process.

💖 Cute and Ergonomic Design: Featuring an adorable and ergonomic design, our teether is easy for tiny hands to grasp. The playful shapes and vibrant colors not only capture your baby's attention but also make teething time a delightful and engaging experience.

❄️ Cooling Sensation: For an extra level of relief, our teether can be refrigerated before use. The cool sensation helps soothe inflamed gums, providing added comfort during those challenging teething moments.

👍 Easy to Clean and Maintain: Busy parents will appreciate the hassle-free maintenance of our teether. It's dishwasher-safe and can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water – ensuring a hygienic teething companion for your little one.

🎁 Perfect Gift for New Parents: Looking for a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift? Our Baby Silicone Teether is a fantastic choice. It's a versatile and essential tool for any parent navigating the teething journey with their little bundle of joy.

🚼 Portable and On-the-Go: Compact and lightweight, our teether is perfect for on-the-go soothing. Toss it into your changing bag or stroller pocket, ensuring your baby has relief within reach whenever teething discomfort strikes.


What's in the Package? 

BPA free silicone teether : Safe, Cute, and Ready for Tiny Smiles

Customer Reviews

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Tristian Renner

Good size, you can grasp it well my baby, the Silicon is removed from the hoop to wash it, good quality of the silicone, my baby liked it very much, arrived earlier than expected, arrived well packed, if I recommend.

Jaycee Satterfield

Very satisfied with the product. Love it. Its what I ordered, Thankyou!

Kayla Keeling

Well thank you

Lela Boyle

So cute, gorgeous colors. High quality, highly recommended.

Clarabelle Beatty

Goods match the description. I recommend